And you were pleased, because you always wanted to hear about yourself on the radio.

reading→ a clash of kings
watching→ bob's burgers (rewatch)
playing→ persona 4

since I moved in to my own apartment yesterday I’ve had 4 meals

all of them were noodles

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BOB'S BURGERS → Burger of the Week 

u know it’s bad when u start listening to blink-182 again

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Likefrodo’s Leveling Service
Hello friends, I just started a leveling service since I have alot of spare time at the moment. Not sure what qualifies as speed leveling, but I’ll level your dragons as fast as I can uwu

(You can see the complete list here. I can do payment plans and I take mixed currency.)
1 - 5: 4k
1 - 10: 17k
1 - 15: 51k
1 - 20: 110k
1 - 25: 237k

I also level entire coli teams for triple the price.

And since Light and Shadow are having their dom battle now I’ll level exalt fodder to level 7 for 3k!

If you reblog this post you’ll get a 10% discount! uwu

psa: will be going on a (semi) hiatus because life

may queue things from time to time

alright bye

You & Me
Artist: Bassnectar & W. Darling
Album: Noise vs. Beauty
Playcount: 6,329 plays


You & Me - Bassnectar & W. Darling.

shameless + cinematography